Анастасия Овечкина накануне родов похвасталась фигурой в бикини
The wife of a famous hockey player become a mother in the near future.

Anastasia and Alexander Ovechkin

Photo: Instagram

The long-awaited child 32-year-old Alexander Ovechkin and 24-year-old
Anastasia Subsky will appear in a matter of weeks: the young wife of a hockey player
located on the last month of pregnancy. According to the actress and
model, it will
to give birth in the United States
as he wants to be closer to her husband, who this time will work
in the United States.

Waiting for baby Anastasia shares on the Network touching family
photos and videos. Stories Subsky showed a video in which Alexander plays Xbox and she’s sitting next to
in a bikini and eating an Apple.

By the way, the player is going to attend the birth. Though in recent years this
the practice became very fashionable and popular, however, not every man will dare
on that, but Ovechkin has no doubt he will be with his beloved and always
support her in this difficult case.

“Since my
my husband works in America, in the timeframe when I put in labor, he needs to be
here — told Subsky fans. For me the main thing that it in this
the day was only so we made the decision to give birth in the United States.”

By the way,
the probability that the first-born Ovechkin and Subsky will be born in Russia
was pretty big. The fact that in the last trimester, the couple decided to
a trip to Moscow, but this late, like Anastasia, to fly
it was not safe.