Anastasia naked on the Maldives

Анастасия Волочкова обнажилась на Мальдивах Actress, honored artist and a famous dancer went to the distant tropical Paradise to get rid of negative emotions. In recent years, Volochkova was not the most pleasant event in life. Apparently, the rest went to Anastasia for the benefit.

      Анастасия Волочкова обнажилась на Мальдивах

      A former ballerina and honored artist of the 40-year-old Anastasia Volochkova during the may holidays flown to the Maldives. Woman have long chosen this place to stay. Which year Volochkova is sent to the Islands in the Indian ocean, to relieve stress, to recharge and enjoy the sun and please their fans with photos in a swimsuit.

      Was no exception and the last trip of Anastasia. The star once again took a few candid shots for their loyal fans. So, one of them is Volochkova fully Nude, covered only with a light blanket. Another celebrity posing in a tight t-shirt that does not hide her magnificent forms. Still Anastasia has recorded a couple of videos where talks about his love for the Maldives and is saved from a tropical rain. From the clothes the artist, only the lower part of the swimsuit and a thin shawl.

      Looks like the trip ex-ballerina on a distant tropical island gone to her advantage. Anastasia smiling and having fun in the Maldives, forgetting about the problems last time. In his “Instagrame” the woman confessed that went on a journey to fly away from all disturbances. Departure to another country became as said Volochkova, urgent and necessary measure.

      “The decision about the trip to the Maldives I took last night.. Just flew away from anxiety after the death of the cat, after litigation with the theatre and everything else… to be honest, I was literally pushed out on vacation to my Sergei, Katia assistant, PR Director, Natasha, as well as the doctor clinics of the Bolshoi theatre. They hinted to Kate that nervous stress, despite the closed hospital, it is necessary to remove the rest. Thank you, my dear! As you’ve done it for hours — it’s a mystery”, — wrote Volochkova in social networks.

      Video posted by Anastasia (@volochkova_art) May 8 2016 at 2:23 PDT

      We will remind that not so long ago Volochkova died beloved pet, a Persian cat Gucci. The animal died as a result of an unsuccessful operation.

      In addition, the artist was not the best period of life associated with it’s theatrical debut. Partner Volochkova said Bagov was removed from the show due to the fact that he could not find a common language with the Director. Volochkova was supported by his friend, whom a lot of time spent in rehearsals and discussions of roles, but in the end she was left without work. However, despite the fact that Anastasia is no longer in “School of modern play” theatre, it is nevertheless not excused. After the scandal with the Joseph Raihelgauz Anastasia was invited to take part in a production of “the Lonely Waltz” author “a man Came to the woman” Seeds Zlotnikov. The happy actress has already started learning the words and rehearsing.

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