Anastasia mykhailuta left Timothy

Анастасия Михайлюта ушла от Тимати
It seems that Lovelace, Timothy does not intend to stop Anastasia Reshetova and Alena Shishkova. Timothy recently took part in the filming of the video for the song “4am” ward your production center Misha Mavrina.

Анастасия Михайлюта ушла от Тимати

The place of the new video – gloomy mansion. Filled with sexy Babes in masks it is a kind of frontier space, where the mysterious rites.

Crowned Queen of the Ball, which draws the attention of Mike Marvin, but the beauty belongs to the hero Timothy, who plays the influential owner. Will it be possible for Misha to steal the girl Timati – watch the new video! Spoiler, the girl is not as simple as it seems and all the masks will fly out at four in the morning!

Анастасия Михайлюта ушла от Тимати

“We’re shooting a totally serious movie. For many fit with a famous artist it’s a chance to Wake up famous. In our case, the opposite happened. I waited until Misha will show the new level that we see in this work, and only then decided to join him on the track”

– says Timati.

Анастасия Михайлюта ушла от Тимати

“4 in the morning is, in my opinion, is borderline. several mystical when each of us gives vent to his desires and passions. You become who you are – a demon or an angel – is not important. It is real” – continues Mike Marvin.

In a new video actress mykhailuta played the same Queen: “My role was provocative and candid shots, unpredictable plot twist and I was lucky enough to be part of it. For the attention of my heroine fought both characters – but the ending will surprise the audience! Liability on my part for the main role was high, but Michael and Timothy are constantly supported me, and I want to thank them for the attention and assistance at the site”

– told Anastasia.

Анастасия Михайлюта ушла от Тимати

All fans of Misha Marvin and Timothy waiting for a truly mesmerizing clip. How much time to wait for release? – You already know!

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