Anastasia Meskova gave the children a holiday

Анастасия Меськова подарила детям праздник
Famous dancer gave a master class in ballroom dancing.

Анастасия Меськова подарила детям праздник

Anastasia Meskova

Photo: Press service

June, at “space” the design factory “Flacon” was a family holiday
“The formula for good,” which organizers became the “Evalar” and charitable
Foundation “Life as miracle”. The event attracted more than 150 guests.

The event was
a part of the namesake of the charity project, in which throughout 2017, the company
“Evalar” will make payments with
sales of children’s vitamins “Baby Formula Bear” to help the charity Fund
“Life is a miracle”.

the program was a master class in
one of the most beautiful types of performing arts – ballet. It was held by the Bolshoi theatre and actress Anastasia Meskova. An hour attention
all the girls of the celebration was focused on the dancer, who spoke about how
appeared ballet, showed the famous 32
fouette turns, and then together they learned fragment
the waltz of the flowers “the Nutcracker.” This ballerina is especially brought on
Playground children’s ballet tutu
that kids could try on. “This
the occasion provides an excellent opportunity to involve the children in a fun way in social
projects. It’s great that this festival, in spite of what all children can
to be together, to play, to dance, to draw and to be on a par,” he shared
her impressions Anastasia Meskova.

The event
visited “star” the Trustees and friends of the Foundation – the Child of Alexander and Catherine
Volkova, Anna Tsukanova-Cott and Alice Starovoitova.

During the social campaign “100 good bears” the kids filled out cards with wishes and words
support the children-wards of the charity Fund, which are in
hospitals. Each card will travel along a Teddy bear in the hospital
chamber, where the treatment of small wards Fund with liver disease.

In the program
the evening featured more than 10 zones
of activities, including: sand and chemical show, performances
magicians and jugglers, a variety of art workshops. Bright
photo zones events could all do a selfie, and even with star guests
event. The event ended with the concert, which included popular
children’s songs performed by the participants of the show “the Voice” and “Main stage”: Maria Eroyan, Sergey Filippov, as well as member of the group “Unique People”.


Charitable Foundation “Life as miracle”

The Foundation aims to help children
from low-income families suffering from severe liver disease.
Received for the account of the Fund monies go to pay for treatment, operations,
annual post-operative examinations, necessary medicines,
tickets and other necessary needs of our students.

ZAO “Evalar”
one of the biggest in Russia
pharmaceutical companies. One of the TOP 5 largest domestic
pharmaceutical manufacturers, is an absolute leader in the domestic market with BAD
a share of about 20%. Leadership in the market of natural products for the preservation and
health promotion the company has maintained for the past 10 years. First
Russian company, realize the principle of full production cycle – from
the cultivation of vegetable raw materials to packaging of finished products. In
product portfolio the company “Evalar” has more than 300 kinds of medicinal
drugs and dietary supplements in different product forms.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Press service