Anastasia Melnikova admitted, why not married

Анастасия Мельникова призналась, почему не вышла замуж
The actress commented on her personal life.

With her daughter Masha

Photo: Andrew Fedechko

Anastasia Melnikova made
a Frank admission about why you still don’t have a reliable
spouse. The actress commented on her personal life in the program NTV “Mirror
for a hero”. It turned out that to get married to her does not allow her own daughter

In an interview with Anastasia
said that between her and Tiny, as it is affectionately called by the artist, is
some agreement about the appearance of men in my life Melnikova. “Not
so I think in the world there is no man worthy of me. Just
today the circumstances were such that my daughter transition to adulthood.
Masha asked me to wait a little bit. That’s when she was little, she was willing to accept the person I will love. We have a clear agreement that
till 18 years I belong to her!” — shared

Anastasia confessed that, for her daughter’s happiness is much more important than her own. However, She hinted that her life still has an admirer, but to submit it to the General public it is not ready yet.

Recall that Melnikov
gave birth to a daughter in 2002 and is raising her alone. Masha artist is rightly very
proud of and never tires of praising her. The “master-classes” mother’s 13-year-old
Mary cook, clean the apartment, to embroider, to knit – ready
the bride is of marriageable age! “From birth, a girl should be taught to farm. I
quietly Mary can leave the house and I’ll know that when you return, the daughter will be removed
the apartment, cook the dinner,” – said Melnikov. – If it still will be
in the profession, fine. But most importantly, so she could be the mistress. Though
daughter, I’m sure that Mary will be the perfect wife and mother” — said Anastasia.

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