Anastasia Makeyeva can not come to terms with the tragedy

Анастасия Макеева не может смириться с трагедией
The actress shared the memory of a beloved brother.

Анастасия Макеева не может смириться с трагедией

Anastasia Makeeva brother Daniel

Photo: @makeevan Instagram Anastasia Makeeva

Eight years ago, the family of Anastasia Makeeva tragedy: from infection died the elder brother of artist Daniel. The actress is very upset by the death of a loved one. Shortly after the funeral she was in intensive care, where doctors had to fight for her life.

Anastasia admits that still can not believe what happened and misses her brother. They Daniel were very close — he was her best friend who always came to her aid. The artist remembered his beloved brother in his birthday. “Unusually. For so many years, how there is no you. You all 27, and I’m almost 36. Today you would have turned 37 years old. I hope where you are there is better! I miss you…” — wrote Makeyev. Not so long ago Anastasia said that his brother’s death for her was an event that dramatically affected her life.

Anastasia Makeeva: “Sometimes it seems that brother’s alive…”

Recently, Anastasia, by the way, premiered in the new project — a musical performance “Whirlpool of love”. Makeeva got the role of red-haired “night butterflies” of Eugene, which eventually settles scores with life. According to the actress, this is her first acting experience when her character decides to commit suicide.