Анастасия Макеева попала в психоневрологическую больницу
The actress voluntarily surrendered to the “loony bin”.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: @makeevan Instagram Anastasia Makeeva

Hardly anyone, except Anastasia Makeeva, would, on a voluntary basis to appear in the real “loony bin”. But the actress tried to get into mental hospital, located in Chelyabinsk. Why would she do that? To lose weight! About how one relates to others, Anastasia told in social networks.

Makeeva set a goal to become more slender, and because she had already tried all known diets that give only temporary result, she decided to approach the issue of weight loss, on the other hand. Anastasia decided to dig into the head and to find the causes of excess weight. For the help in this question, she turned to Irina Moroz, specialist in charge of the reception in the same mental hospital.

“This is the story about how I have come voluntarily to the mental hospital — the beginning of the story Anastasia. — How many of you have heard about the method Morozova? Please do not confuse with hemocode is a completely different method. I was very curious examination. Let’s see, what’s my conclusion and what will be the result of the program, which for me select. Dr. Morozov drew a parallel between the mental state and the result of an imbalance, i.e., obesity or exhaustion. From nutrition depends on our mental health and Vice versa. But I’m under the impression from those patients who were adjusted and normalized in the clinic. I admit, it was somewhat embarrassing to fill out paper for examination in a psychiatric clinic. Not afraid to go out, but all went well!”

To monitor their weight and food, of course, necessary, but fans still think that Anastasia is experiencing nothing, because it is in good shape. Especially Makeeva dreams that soon become a mother, and severe weight loss can prevent true dream of the artist.