Настя Макеева была в аэропорту Стамбула во время взрывов

The actress was not injured and I’m sure saved her guardian angel.

On Tuesday evening many of us started frantically call your relatives and friends who could be in Istanbul… Two explosions at Ataturk airport, claimed the lives of 10 people, at least another 40 seriously injured.

And in the morning it turned out that in the air Harbor of Turkey was actress Anastasia Makeeva. Luckily she was not injured.

“Oh, apparently I have a guardian angel and pray for me good people. It is terrible to imagine what is happening at the airport in Istanbul, and I could have died out there. Today I was there, and God has saved me from death, and so I have on this earth to do something else very useful” – touched actress in Instagram.

Later Makeyev explained that in Istanbul was passing. Flew to France with a stopover in Turkey.

“Dear friends, I’m in Marseille, fine with me. I flew to Marseille yesterday to transit via Istanbul (sorry, my Manager bought me the tickets),” – wrote Nastya on his page in the network.

Fans immediately began to reassure her. And asked not to risk yourself: “Anastasia, why she was right not to take tickets direct or via some other transit. We see in fact, what the situation is in Turkey. Be careful. And don’t take, please, the next time the transit through Turkey! Thank you angel! Health to you and good luck!”

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