Anastasia Makeeva was in mortal danger

Анастасия Макеева оказалась в смертельной опасности
The actress could die during a performance.

Анастасия Макеева оказалась в смертельной опасности

Anastasia Makeeva and Ivan Ozhogin

Photo: @makeevan Instagram

Yesterday was for Anastasia
Makeeva challenging. The life of the actress have been in serious danger. The audience
the musical “Master and Margarita” could become witness of a terrible tragedy on the stage.
The fact that yesterday, on stage at Anastasia held a small premiere
new decorations. The result Makeeva inertia back went in the direction of
open orchestra pit. Could all end very badly if her partner
the scene did not react in time. Ivan Ozhogin had to warn Anastasia, the
saving her life. Because of the height of the orchestra pit is on average more
two meters and a fall from this height in the best case would have ended heavy

Makeyev was so shocked
the belief that it was extremely difficult to finish the play. Ivan actress
now referred to as “my Savior” and has published in his microblog
words of gratitude to the following Feng. “Ivan saved me from falling into a pit (I’m afraid I
would have crashed either on death or would be disabled). So happy Birthday
I was congratulated by the entire cast!” Anastasia wrote.

By the way, Makeev recently returned from
his vacation, which went to “switch” after her divorce from
Gleb Matveychuk. Anastasia decided to run away from abnormally increased
the media attention to her broken marriage. The actress went to rest
in Spain, where enjoyed the beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean and
walks along the coast.

Anastasia Makeeva with her Saviour by Ivan Orogeny

Photo: @makeevan Instagram

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