Anastasia Makeeva was asked to help her find a groom

Анастасия Макеева попросила помочь ей найти жениха
The actress shared details of her life after breaking up with her husband.

Анастасия Макеева попросила помочь ей найти жениха

Anastasia Makeeva with a cat Roxie

Photo: personal archive of the actress

Anastasia Makeeva, who became one of the main secular
newsmakers this week after the announcement of the divorce from her husband Gleb Matveychuk,
surprised fans with an unusual request.

“Dear friends! called actress. — Despite
the difficulties in my personal life, I like caring owner really want to make
the love life of his Princess. Maybe someone of you will help to find
a decent husband?!”

Princess Anastasia calls her beautiful cat Roxie. Her appearance in the house makeieva and Matviychuk is a story. Initially the couple planned to take one
cat, but the breeder turned out to be only kitties.

“Then there was another problem: me and Gleb
liked the different kittens! — says the actress in an interview. — I liked the Roxy — skinny kitty with huge
eyes, strikingly similar to the kitten woof cartoon. Gleb same
like Basil — cat-Podlaska, resembling a hamster. It is important sat on the sidelines and
no one played. We spent an hour sitting on my knees in front of these felines. Already
began to give each other, offering to take one or the other. But then
thought that nothing will change just because we will have more than one animal. Buy
each cat!”

About where now is Basil — Hleb or she, She said. It seems that after parting, the couple and the animals were divided. Anyway, the photos that are published in Makeyeva
his microblog, the artist depicted only with his favorite.

Cat Anastasia Makeeva Roxie

Photo: personal archive of the actress

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