Anastasia Makeeva: “To divorce me and Gleb were long ago!”

Анастасия Макеева: «К разводу мы с Глебом шли давно!»
The actress commented on his parting with her husband.

Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Tonight Anastasia Makeeva has announced that they are Gleb Matveychuk decided to divorce.

“It was not a spontaneous decision, — said Makeev — We long went to it. We parted friends without quarrels and mutual resentment”.

Problems in family life, Anastasia and Gleb was there for a long time. For example, when they were rehearsing the play “Territory of passion”, conflicts in the family star arose almost every day.

“It’s like he ignored me — then Makeev told in interview to magazine “7 Days”. — Worked with
all of the artists for eight hours, and I just didn’t notice. One day I
broke down and started crying right in the rehearsal room, demanding to itself
attention of the composer — as you can imagine, this is Gleb. I’m sick of being
a woman and a galloping horse will stop, and in a burning house. Want
to be just a woman, want to be weak. Before the third bell rang, he
came to me, hugged me and asked, “how are you, Nastya, you hang in there, all
well, I believe in you”. Never in my life have I heard from him these words…
Again, I’m very jealous! Can’t see when my husband in my
the presence of gently persuades another artist not to worry if not
it turns out and try again, and again. Why doesn’t he tell her how
me: “If you’re a professional people — go do it. Or went
out of here!” Makes love instead, speaking these words I never heard
from him never in six years of our acquaintance. And so day after day,
before each performance. My eyes. With everyone except me! Just
my husband is sure I’m already so steep professional artist,
what I can not to engage with me don’t need to rehearse,
to talk, to cheer, to hold my hand. Although I dream about it!
So much so, that I locked myself in the bathroom and sobbed for half an hour before going
on stage, not to give vent to emotions during the show…”

Friends of the artists claim that Hleb didn’t want children, although she dreamed of becoming a mother. This was also one of constant quarrels in the family.

We will remind, for the first time Makeyev announced the breakup with a Matveychuk in his personal blog. “This magic night, dear friends, we inform you that we with Gleb
parted — wrote Makeev. And may each of us follow his path and find his

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