Anastasia Makeeva struck Alexander Marshal “naked” dress

Анастасия Макеева сразила Александра Маршала «голым» платьем
The actress congratulated the composer on his anniversary.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Makeeva struck on the spot of Alexander
Marshall, who yesterday celebrated on the stage of its anniversary — the musician
is 60 years old. When the night Anastasia took to the stage,
Marshall was struck by her outfit with a long and completely transparent hem
no secret of slim legs of the actress.

“On stage, Alexander asked me a question: “This dress
such that you could not come? — shared the star. — But Yes! —
I replied. But that’s the hall pass it can only be one!” Last
remark Anastasia is easily explained, because the light fabric of the hem of the dress is fastened at

Incidentally, the last time the stars coming to light, stop
his bold and bright dresses, and sheer skirts are in Vogue. Here
many Actresses have passed on the red carpet at the opening of the “Kinotavr-2017”, chose
dresses with an open neckline and daring cutout. Did Katherine Spitz and
Elizaveta Boyarskaya. And Svetlana Khodchenkova and Marina Aleksandrova has chosen outfits
with transparent skirts.