Anastasia Makeeva ready to obey a man

Анастасия Макеева готова подчиниться мужчине The star explained that the newly felt like a real woman. Fans also noted that in recent Makeeva literally glows with happiness. Anastasia itself does not speak openly about events in his personal life.

The theater and film actress Anastasia Makeeva are trying to advertise personal life. Mostly woman shares pictures from travels, and shots taken during work on new roles. After her divorce from Gleb Matveychuk, which occurred last spring, she follows the rule, that the happiness love peace.

However, fans makeevoy noticed that lately, the smile never leaving her face. They suggested that this may be associated with positive changes in the life of a star. Recently Anastasia flew into a fascinating journey to Corsica. Admitted as a celebrity, she was looking forward to a trip to the sea. She had to fly to the island via Paris, where she barely had time for a second flight as it was departing from a different airport.

Despite the difficulties, Anastasia reached the destination. Probably in this moment she was filled with emotions, so she decided to share them with your followers.

“To feel a woman is to be heard, understood and then you grow a tenderness and affection, which you already seem to have forgotten. Amazing how we are docile and manageable when you have a real man”, – said Makeev in the caption to the picture on the background of the lavender fields.

Fans of the actress were surprised, as earlier the woman talked about the fact that she has chosen. “Included in the subconscious of ancient instincts, when a woman finds inner strength of men, One is a warrior,” wrote in the comments to the post. Friend Anastasia Lena Maksimova launched a discussion on the topic, where you can meet your love. She remembered the famous phrase Irina Muravyova from the film “Moscow to tears does not believe” that worth meeting in the cemeteries. The women laughed together on this idea.

By the way, in the fall of 2016 Makeeva hinted at the fact that she has a new man. According to the artist, it is very interesting to communicate with him, and she feels comfortable in the family circle of the elect. According to the celebrity, she did not like this feeling.