Anastasia Makeeva on vacation ended up in police station

Анастасия Макеева на отдыхе угодила в полицейский участок The movie star needs to recover after a breakup with her husband Gleb Matveychuk, so together with friends she went to the Canary Islands. Anastasia chose Tenerife, where reports subscribers, as spending time. Tuesday was bad day for the whole company – they visited the local police.

      Анастасия Макеева на отдыхе угодила в полицейский участок

      Anastasia Makeeva is trying to recover from a breakup with her husband Gleb Matveychuk. The actress went on vacation to recover his fortune. Just before departure she announced that starts its own project. In the program “Discover yourself new!” she will teach the women to make a break with the person loved by him and to talk about the problem openly.

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      A few days ago Makeev came to rest in Tenerife. Together with the movie star to conquer one of the Canary Islands went up by Anna Savina. Girls in other country met their friend Saint Ilya, which works as a leading specialist in the sales club and shared ownership in Tenerife.

      Vacation began incendiary, but on Monday night a friend of the star has been robbed. About it Makeyev announced on the page on the social network. “That day is not a day when no news and adventures. While I rested peacefully in the evening, and, plunging headlong into the heart-wrenching sentimentality, watching the cartoon “finding Nemo”, my friend managed not to notice as she stole a bag with money, rights, two passports, and she plane and painted the entire month traveling around Europe, and all is now impossible. But, this young lady smiles and thanks to her we visited the Canarian police. It’s impressive,” wrote Makeev under the image on the background of the sign “Policia”.

      Анастасия Макеева на отдыхе угодила в полицейский участок

      On the beautiful island in the Mediterranean, Anastasia thinks of serenity, enjoy the beautiful views and basking in the sun. However, in Tenerife Makeeva originally wanted to go with Gleb. “This vacation a few months ago we had planned with Gleb, so long as together not rested. But a week before the breakup, he refused to fly. Still need to find the time to file a petition for divorce. I think our marriage dissolved quickly, we have nothing to share, all the property – two apartments, a country house in the suburbs – were bought before the wedding,” said Makeev in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

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      The actress does not regret his decision. According to her, she worked hard for that, as he saw that her husband was a cold and ceased to notice it, no matter how it tried to save the marriage.

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