Anastasia Makeeva on fire to the new chosen one

Анастасия Макеева сгорает от страсти к новому избраннику Famous actress hinted that her heart is occupied. Anastasia Makeeva talked about the affair with the mysterious man that she experiences these feelings. According to celebrity, he does not pay attention to her popularity.
Анастасия Макеева сгорает от страсти к новому избраннику

Anastasia Makeeva became the heroine of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. In the broadcast transmission, the actress spoke about the challenges she had to face. The star told about the breakup with Matveychuk, the loss of a brother, and shed light on the personal life.

That Gleb and Anastasia, not everything went smoothly, it became known in April of last year. Divorce couples was held in July 2016. According to the actress, she barely survived the hostile attitude of mother’s former husband.

Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”

“I have warm feelings towards the glib. A much more negative attitude I had towards his mother. It was too much in our lives. She led a very aggressive policy that she had a beautiful son, and I must obey. Hleb is the only son of the father is, but there is an absolute matriarchy. I had just said: “as long as you obey me, your marriage exists. As soon as you stop, I’ll destroy it.” Actually, this happened”, – said Anastasia.
Анастасия Макеева сгорает от страсти к новому избраннику

At the time Makeeva worked together with mother-in-law Olga Salimbeni. The mother of Matveychuk, which has long worked with the makeup artist tried himself as a producer of the performance with his son and daughter-in-law. Ex-girlfriend Gleb Svetlana also received one of the roles.

Анастасия Макеева сгорает от страсти к новому избраннику“She participates in life of the family of Gleb and with a living mother, mom calls Olga Salimovna. Some such story. Olga Salimova artist, and quite talented. Apparently, she wanted power, and she decided to become a producer. I believe that everyone has their own profession… I helped Svetlana to be in the work and even gave her advice on acting, which she asked for. I do not impose” – shared the actress.
Анастасия Макеева сгорает от страсти к новому избраннику

However, further ex-lover Matveychuk quit. According to Anastasia, this is due to lack of adequate skills. “Unfortunately, Belinda did not have any musical talent. She sang the soundtrack. I thought it was humiliating to open your mouth and assume that this is the profession of musical performer. In the end, I said I don’t understand the meaning of her participation in the production” – says Makeev.

Now all the conflicts with her mother Gleb Matveychuk is in the past. Anastasia no longer feels the negative attitude towards women. Moreover, as it turned out, Makeev happy in a relationship with a new lover. The actress has made it clear that he had real feelings for the man. However, neither his name nor profession Anastasia decided not to disclose.

“Today, I’m in love. For real. And I am pleased to realize this feeling, because it has nothing to do with my popularity, nor my profession, nor with my position. That is a pleasant relationship with someone who sees me as just a woman. But now my personal life is my personal life. And I’ll never tell anyone that, who and as me. And maybe I will marry, and you will know about it. I will not make any more pretentious the wedding because happiness loves silence,” said the actress.