Anastasia Makeeva moved to St. Petersburg

Анастасия Макеева переезжает в Петербург Well-known artist, who in 2016 divorced with her husband, composer and singer Gleb Matveychuk, found solace in work. Anastasia is the star of several musicals that are now in the Northern capital.
Анастасия Макеева переезжает в Петербург

Anastasia Makeeva has told me that she had so much work that it is not possible to establish his personal life. About a year ago, after one of the performances of the “Demon Onegin,” she gave a kind of “casting” the men who gave her gorgeous bouquets and invited to the meeting. However, the story did not succeed.

Now Makeev tries to find happiness in St. Petersburg, where in the near future intends to finally move. She spoke about her plans at the opening of the new theatre “LDM. New stage”.

Анастасия Макеева переезжает в Петербург “I have so much work to do in your city that I actually already live here, so why not” – admitted the actress.
Анастасия Макеева переезжает в Петербург

Indeed, from day to day in St. Petersburg reborn one of the most iconic venues, the legendary Leningrad Palace of youth, the scene is played not only well-known Russian rock bands, but also many Western celebrities. Now there will be a theatre “of LDM. New stage”, which will go to the top musicals, such as “Demon Onegin”, “Miracle Yudo,” “Master and Margarita” in all the productions have makeevoy leading role.

As told to “StarHit” the company Makers Lab, which is engaged in the rental of the above musicals, before Anastasia came to St. Petersburg and stayed in hotels. Now, when the work will be more, the producers find her an apartment in a quiet part of the centre, for example, near the Tavrichesky garden, because Makeeva loves to walk around the city.

Besides, as told by producer and friend Makeeva, Irina Afanasyeva, will soon be a large-scale production of the Broadway musical in St. Petersburg, where Makeeva not only will play a major role, but also try yourself as a co-producer and co-Director and this job will require daily presence in the Northern capital.

Makeev is not the only Muscovite, which gradually moved to Petersburg. For example, TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva recently acquired real estate in the Northern capital. A few years ago the singer Boris Moiseev had intended to resettle communal apartment in the center of the Northern capital, but residents, learning about who they are going to buy a house, wrung his astronomical money and yet Moses did not realize his dream.