Anastasia Makeeva met birthday on the train

Анастасия Макеева встретила день рождения в поезде
The actress celebrates 35th anniversary.

Anastasia Makeeva met birthday on the train

Anastasia Makeeva today’s birthday: actress
35 years old, though she met him not in the company of friends and loved ones, and
in the train Moscow-Saint-Petersburg.

“So I became a little older and don’t believe that I’m an adult
girl, — says Nastya. — I think
I’m a kid and still to come, and I don’t know much, and I’m already 35 and I
the train after the show and going to Peter to play for You. I’m happy You write to me
and call, congratulate and thank. Thank You for Your warmth. I love You!
But I want to say to their loved ones and those who are dear thank You for what You
beside me and give me your Love

The key words Anastasia told her parents
thanking them for their life and patience.

“35-plus years ago, these two young and sincerely
lovers in each other people become responsible for one joyous event, says Makeev. Inside mamulichki had a baby, who was destined to see the light and loud and
happily tell the world “Hello!”. I am incredibly happy that I was born
You, mom Marina and dad Bob. You are the best parents in the world and the older
I get, the more you understand it. Thank you for the affection, the warmth
care, thank you for the love you gave me, thank you for your faith
in me, you have always supported me in my most ambitious dreams, thanks for
patience. I have not the easiest character, thank you for your understanding. There was not
a day that you are entered in my position and shrugged off the events in my life.
Mom, thank you you’re always there for me, and you have mastered the Internet for
in order to be closer with me and to know how is my creative life. Dad,
you are the most incredible and caring, I miss those sweet times when my
you traveled by train (and I even skipped school on these journeys)
and we “play” with musicians in each city, creating the party I remember
all know I live in your heart. Love you forever!”