Анастасия Макеева сделала несчастливую татуировку
The actress has tattooed on her ankle with the inscription number 13.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Makeeva, who reported on the eve of their fans about the desire
to get a tattoo, realized his dream to life. The actress has tattooed on her ankle
the inscription in English: “13 days till the beginning”. What does this inscription and after that she
was made, Makeev does not explain. And that got a tattoo, didn’t even tell my mother, who came to visit her. She learned this from
Internet: I saw in the microblogging daughter’s photos.

We will remind, the actress addressed the subscribers with the request
to tell where the best place to get a tattoo and who to contact. However,
then the majority of fans began to dissuade the star. Moreover, some seriously worried. “We worry about you! Concerned about the mental state!”,
“Support!”, “Nastya, you are the most beautiful, do not!” — wrote makeevoy.

Anastasia decided to answer them and reassure them. “My psychological situation is very normal, just
it would be desirable new sensations. You are simply made me think” —
she wrote. However, the opinion of fans of the actress still has not stopped. It is worth noting that such a sudden decision
Makeyev began to take after the divorce with her husband Gleb Matveychuk.

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