Анастасия Макеева ищет непутевого принца The actress, who for a long time recovering after a serious divorce from actor Gleb Matveychuk, determined to start a new life. Heart Anastasia is not yet occupied, as she announced on social networks. Makeyev previously hinted at a new relationship, but, apparently, they were only the fantasies of her fans.

      34-year-old actress Anastasia Makeeva, who recently divorced singer Gleb Matveychuk, her ex-husband for seven years, is in search of its second half. About this star reported in his microblog. From the artist we can conclude that she is looking for a true companion, reliable and caring. However, he does not have to be an ideal man who conquers women at first sight.

      “No, I will not marry Krasosana. Take up the sword and go look for his wounded, unlucky Prince to be happy with him all my life,” said Anastasia Makeeva in social networks. To the publication the actress added the hashtags “fairy tale”, “finale”, “love” and “Princess.”

      Fans of the actress supported her. “How nice”, “Great”, “Good summer weekend to you, Nastya”, — they wrote in the comments of a post makeevoy.

      By the way, earlier fans of the actress has decided that she is not alone, but, apparently, their guesses were not confirmed. The woman then posted in Instagram photo with a bouquet of flowers. “You know how to make me happy,” she shared in a microblog. Mysterious smile on the face of celebrity and also heart, which Makeyev put in the caption to the photo, made her fans assume that the star enjoys a new relationship.

      Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”

      Recall that breakup Makeeva and Matveychuk became known in April of this year. This news surprised many fans of the star couple, they were together for several years. “Let each of us go our separate ways and find happiness,” — wrote Anastasia in social networks. In a candid interview with “StarHit” the actress admitted that she tried to get pregnant for three years, but nothing happened. And at some point the husband stopped supporting Anastasia. The actress also said that she is very hard going through a breakup with Matveychuk.

      The divorce of celebrities, took place on 8 July this year. A Day of family, love and fidelity, Anastasia has informed in the microblog that she starts a new life. Makeyev also thanked ex-husband for a long life together in which there were many good moments — amazing and happy.

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