Anastasia Makeeva lit in underwear

Анастасия Макеева зажгла в нижнем белье The actress posted a candid photo of his dressing room. Fans of Anastasia Makeeva and admired, and wondered at the same time, noting that never before had the star allowed herself such a bold frame.

      Анастасия Макеева зажгла в нижнем белье

      Musical star Anastasia Makeyeva, “Instagram” which is not an example of other Actresses pictures in bikini is a rarity, and pictures in miniskirts and cleavage and in the afternoon with fire not to find, suddenly surprised unheard of for her image of a modest girl is very bold frame.

      In the photo, taken in the dressing room of the House of culture of the city of Angarsk of the Irkutsk region, the actress appeared half-naked. The man behind the scenes, Anastasiya Makeyeva posing in jeans and white lace bra. Short photoshoot took place next to the huge mirror, so that curious citizens have a great opportunity to see in detail and pretty actress back. It is worth noting that in Siberia Anastasia Makeeva is with her husband Gleb Matveychuk and a theatrical troupe on tour with the play “the Territory of passion”. It is not excluded that Anastasia bold act inspired hot setting. But maybe the actress decided to mess about in honor of April 1.

      “A bit of the backstage” – signed his candid photos in the microblog Anastasia Makeeva. Seeing so rare for “Instagram” frame of the actress, her fans came in the rapture. On their ecstatic comments it was felt that they had been waiting for these pictures from our favorite. But like maintaining the reputation of a serious married lady, trying not to overdo it with sincerity.

      “Wow! Well, it was very hot!”, “I, the goddess of beauty!”, “Wow! I do not remember such a photo earlier,” can’t hold back emotions subscribers Anastasia Makeeva.

      It is worth noting that among celebrities it is believed that candid snapshots are the easiest and low-cost way to attract to himself the attention of the public. In the Russian show business quite young ladies, who in addition to his creative abilities, and can demonstrate the advantages of his body. For anybody not a secret that in order to be in good physical shape Russian celebrities work a lot on myself. Of course, many of them have a desire to show off the result and get the fans a lot of enthusiastic responses. Often this desire turns into a desire to regularly share honest snapshots, for which artists both praised and criticized. Just love to pose semi-Nude Anastasia Volochkova, Dana Borisova, Natasha Koroleva, Anna Sedokova, Olga Seryabkina, Nastasya Samburski, and others.

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