Anastasia Makeeva learns to live without her husband

Анастасия Макеева учится жить без мужа The actress still remembers about a former spouse. The news of the divorce Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveychuk was struck by all the fans. Now fans support star after the breakup.

      Анастасия Макеева учится жить без мужа

      The news about the divorce of a popular actress Anastasia Makeeva with her husband Gleb Matveychuk became unexpected for all fans of the star couple. Of his intention to leave the actress has informed in the microblog. As makeieva told to “StarHit”, it is the decision it adopted at once. For a long time she tried to save the marriage, but began to notice that it is necessary only to itself. Now the actress is learning to live without her husband, although unable to forget about him.

      “I have a premiere today. Mixed feelings, for the first time in seven years after the performance I don’t get SA from my husband that I did wrong. But Roxie will discuss the performance of the night”, – said the actress.

      Anastasia did not hide, is hoping that Hleb will ask her to come back. But this step was not followed. The actress not just accept the parting of a loved one. Fans are trying to support their favorite actress.

      “Nastya, everything you’ve done so. You’re done! Only forward! Good luck!”, “Nastya, everything will be as it should, and even better! Good luck on the premiere show! Full houses and appreciative audiences!”, “Nastya, everything will be fine, do not hesitate! On stage you always Shine!” commented subscribers.

      One of the reasons for parting with Matveychuk Makeev was that she wanted a more peaceful life and have a child. For three years she tried to get pregnant. Besides, Anastasia realized that they were different. Moreover, glib did not seek to support it.

      Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We with Gleb three years trying to become parents”

      “We started to do repairs in a new apartment, but I was looking for foremen, went to the hardware store. Husband abandoned our common cause – school children’s creativity. He’s listed as a Manager but actually for a long time does nothing, helps me partner, and the spouse nothing. When I said, “Gleb, what do you want? We don’t see each other, don’t spend the time with each other, we have virtually nothing in common. So… You don’t care what happens to our family? Don’t care about me?” – the answer was heard: “Things went uphill for me right now the creativity is more important. This is my dream, I go to her”, – frankly said Makeev.

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