Anastasia Makeeva is suffering from excessive frivolity

Анастасия Макеева страдает от излишнего легкомыслия
The actress has confessed his weaknesses.

Anastasia Makeeva

Anastasiya Makeyeva admitted that he wants to get rid of
frivolity peculiar to the fair sex.

“Sometimes I ask myself: “Why are these
different men and women?” — says the star. — Why such different perception of the world and why these
the difficulties in the way of understanding each other? It would probably be a lot easier if
we were all with the same logic. Maybe not quite, but without such strong differences.
However, we might more easily understand each other. Of course, the charm of women in
the perception of the world, but sometimes I want this role Babskii to get rid of! The question
and will we then not women? Not will we lose our charm? I
making mistakes, strive to translate everything
in the positive and not accumulating grievances. This is a new stage in my life, but as
all this is not easy! Lesson after lesson, and there is no final level of difficulty, and only
relax, we’ll do something stupid. How to find a balance between ease and
concentration, so as not to make mistakes? Some say that the woman is not
definitely a lot to think about, it loses its appeal and charm, but
not be reckless or too trouble.”

Under the revelation of the actress in her microblog
was played real philosophical battle. Interestingly, Anastasia
pleasure took part in the General debate, responding to fans on the
a variety of issues. So, in the comments to his
post Makeyeva admitted that she is more suitable a strong male, and noted that
sometimes it’s “inexplicable evil”.