Anastasia Makeeva is in awe of the family’s new lover

Анастасия Макеева в восторге от семьи нового возлюбленного The actress is pleased to be among relatives of the elect. After a failed marriage with Gleb Matveychuk Anastasia Makeeva began to pay attention to the inner circle of men. The actress learned from a previous relationship and does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past.

      Actress Anastasia Makeeva in early April shocked fans with the news of their divorce with Gleb Matveychuk. Despite the fact that the couple lived together for six years, they decided to leave. Anastasia did not hide that she was difficult to put up with the coldness of a spouse who has completely dedicated himself to his career.

      After breaking up with Matveychuk she realized that she really important in a relationship, and now draws attention to different aspects of the life of the elect.

      “I don’t want to make any announcements, but in my life there’s a new person I really interesting to say. While this is just a friend, very comfortable to be among his relatives. They give me a sense of family, which in recent years was lacking. And for me it is one of the main indicators of a strong Union: I will now always pay attention to the relationship between the parents of the partner and what is the climate in the family,” Makeyeva admitted.

      The actress realized that her future husband should be a common understanding of what a family should be. After the divorce she realized that’s not always possible to take the point of view of a spouse in principle for a issues. Despite this, she is ready to make concessions with the new chosen one.

      “If the views cannot be changed, habits can be, and I’m ready to do this for new relations”, – said Anastasia. t

      Makeev has admitted that he dreamed of becoming a mother, but her husband did not support her, and only wanted fulfillment. The actress was trying to save his family and even agreed with a family psychologist. Specialist failed to help the star couple to keep the family together – Adele came to the reception only once. Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”

      The actress admits that she did not have enough communication with her husband, but because she took pleasure in sharing news about their lives with fans. Now Makeev tries not to dwell on his personal life.

      “Man, the courtship of which now accept, too, asking not to advertise our relationship, and I respect his wish. The lessons of the past, hopefully, will not go in vain. Because now the main thing for me is family and children that I really want,” Anastasia admitted in an interview with “Collection caravan of stories”.