Anastasia Makeeva has told about the persecution of a former mother-in-law

Анастасия Макеева поведала о травле бывшей свекрови The actress has admitted that they have suffered through hostile attitude of the mother ex-wife. For the sake of the mother Gleb Matveychuk fired Anastasia Makeeva from the play. The actress admitted that Olga Salimova was sure only it affects family well-being of her son.

      In the beginning of April, Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk announced the divorce. The actress did not hide that this decision was really hard for her, however, to restore the old relationship with her husband was impossible. In June, they officially divorced.

      Makeeva’ve made no secret of the fact that moved for her husband to second place, Adele was fully absorbed in his own career. For the sake of peace in the family, Anastasia had to endure persecution-in-law Olga Alimony. A woman who worked for a long time makeup artist, decided to try his hand as a producer of productions in which he played her son and daughter-in-law. The mother of the Matveychuk started to dictate their conditions of work. According to Makeeva, her mother-in-law loved the former darling of the Gleba, Svetlana, I tried by all means to make her a star, and therefore adopted it on one of the main roles. Anastasia did not tolerate Amateur work on stage and persuaded her husband to take the girl out of the play. After that, according to Makeeva, Olga Salimova harbored for her offense.

      “This was our first open conflict, which started this feud. On any matter relating to the performance, I spoke with Olga Salimbeni, I was always listening to mother-in-law, not a producer,” admitted the actress.

      Makeeva recalls with horror that he could not without scandal to Express their professional opinions on the show, if her opinion differed from the point of view of the mother’s Matveychuk. Hleb, too, could not do anything against the will of a mother.

      “Not just that, Olga Salimova grabbed senzei she called an ambulance. Constantly crying. The mother of Gleb rests on pity, guilt: it is an old man, it must be considered. And as a result, in early April, Adele announced that…firing me!” recalled Makeyev.

      Anastasia Makeeva has told how he tried to save the marriage

      Anastasia was upset that in favor of the mother, her husband decided to exclude from the performance of professional actress, not to convince the parent that she does their job. The actress said that the mother-in-law interfered in personal relationships Makeeva and Matveychuk. According to her, Olga Salimova considered themselves to be main in the family of his son’s life.

      “One day the mother-in-law told me, saying, you know perfectly well that you and my son together exactly as long as I allow it! Of course, I didn’t want to believe her – after all, my husband and I are consenting adults, but the life showed that these were not empty threats,” Makeev said in an interview with “Collection caravan of stories”.