Анастасия Макеева рассказала о любимых местах в столице
Updated pedestrian area in Moscow – the best reason to go for a walk through the streets of the capital and be inspired by new year mood.

Анастасия Макеева рассказала о любимых местах в столице

The beautiful city inspires. About how Moscow has changed in the author’s videos #Musculokeletal on the YouTube channel of the Department overhaul of Moscow @dkr.mos told the popular Russian stars. Among them is a well – known theater and film actress Anastasia Makeeva.

She shared her impressions from a walk around the city: “I remember just a few years ago I was coming home from the theater on Petrovka. It was uncomfortable: dark, narrow, crowded Parking machines. And now the street was transformed! For me, the Actresses, it is very important to boost your atmosphere. It helps to transform into different roles. I noticed that I loved to walk around Moscow!” Finally, the center of the capital turned into the place where you want to walk and not drive the vehicle. Many of the streets were cleaner, more comfortable and safer, including Nikolskaya, Petrovka, Epiphany and Fish lane and Exchange square.

Nikolskaya Street

St. Nicholas became one of the first streets, was reconstructed in the framework of the program of urban redevelopment the urban center and the Department overhaul of Moscow. And, indeed, became one of the main meeting places in the capital. Its undoubted advantage is the location in the heart of the city: from St. Nicholas to explore the red square, in the Park “Zaryadye” in Zamoskvorechye, or in China Town.

Анастасия Макеева рассказала о любимых местах в столице

Then, in 2013, the St. Nicholas, with its amazing historical heritage literally saved from destruction. In the early 2000s, this street is located in the zone of protection of monuments of architecture, turned into a chaotic Parking. The sidewalks were almost completely destroyed: it is difficult to pedestrians and often spoil the impression from a walk through Central Moscow. After work was done for the beautification of streets, vehicular traffic on St. Nicholas decided to withdraw. The street turned into a beautiful pedestrian Boulevard where there are many cafes and restaurants, take a tour of the capital and meet couples.

Epiphany and Fish lanes

If from Nikolskaya street to turn on Bogoyavlensky lane you can get on another Hiking route that was paved in 2017. It passes through Exchange square, Fish alley and allows direct access to the Zaryadye Park. Car traffic, by the way, banned. Instead, set the lights, removed the wire, closes the perspective of the street, the ground and paved wide sidewalks. The lane was quiet and comfortable hum of the machines distracts from conversations with friends during a walk in Moscow.

Анастасия Макеева рассказала о любимых местах в столице

And in place of the chaotic Parking at Exchange square, where once was located the Moscow merchants exchange, organized a new urban area with a fountain and lighting. By the way, when experts began excavating on the square during the works they managed to find the remains of an ancient temple and a staircase that led into the temple storeroom on the territory of the metochion of the Iosifo-Volotsky monastery, and about 500 household items, including rare bracelets from strands of glass, pottery and items of clothing and coins, which they handed over for examination in Museum collections. Now to go explore the area together with loved one was much nicer and more interesting.


In the framework of the complex program of improvement of the capital has changed and is one of the favorite streets of Moscow Petrovka. Specialists tried to revive the spirit of ancient streets that once was a commercial and, for the most part, pedestrian. Today it is with full confidence can be called one of the most cultural streets of the city: here come the facades of the main theatres of Russia — Big and Small. But to get to them has become much more comfortable on the cobblestone sidewalks, historic pavers and with a convenient Parking space. To return to the street’s character, its roadway had to narrow down about 2.5 meters, but without reducing the number of bands. And the free space was converted into wide sidewalks, which are now more pleasant to walk at any time of the year.

In the process of archaeological excavations on Petrovka, too, was made a unique discovery. For example, in house district 28, he found a recess with two window openings, which refers to the lower part of the fraternal cells with the Naryshkin chambers of the second half of the seventeenth century. After the restoration he was placed under the glass. By the way, graced the Petrovka not only monuments and a wide pedestrian zone, but also greens. Along the sidewalks there are flower beds, lawns, trees and shrubs.

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