Anastasia Makeeva has told about the beginning of the new novel

Анастасия Макеева рассказала о начале нового романа
The actress shared details of the upcoming divorce with her husband.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: Semen Kazakov

Anastasia Makeeva
announced the official date of the divorce with Gleb Matveychuk. One of the most beautiful
couples of the Russian show-business will officially cease to exist on July 8. Though
what many expected — the couple can still reconcile itself
Anastasia in her decision to break up with Gleb remained firm. Moreover, as
became known, the actress is ready to move on and is even going to hold a “casting

This unusual cure
from depression because of the divorce suggested makeevoy her colleagues in the Opera “Eugene Onegin”. Review
candidates for heart Anastasia will be held on stage after the show 9
and 10 July in St. Petersburg. So it is quite possible that one of
these days will begin a new novel actress. But to be among the lucky ones
we need to work hard. First, write the actress sincere confession in
love. Second, to appear on the appointed day of a show with a bunch of 100 al
roses. Thirdly, it is important to have a creative occupation. As it turned out,
Anastasia is no longer near me, no artists, no singers. She wanted
I could meet a man another round. Colleagues of the actress have no doubt that “casting”
will come a huge number of worthy candidates, among whom there is someone who Makeyev will be able to fall in love. The actress admitted that already
ready for something new in life and believes in destiny. She hoped that the planned
the event will help her to make many new acquaintances, through which she
will be able to rediscover the love.

Recall that the divorce Anastasia
and Gleb became known in April of this year. Of its decision, the actress officially announced in a personal blog. Shortly thereafter
Makeev went to recover after emotional
experiences in Tenerife.

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