Анастасия Макеева открыла женский клуб
After a divorce, the actress was engaged in public work.

Anastasia Makeeva with guests at the opening of the women’s club

Photo: press service

Anastasia Makeeva, because of the difficult situation which has recently watched
thousands of fans, it seems, intends to give up in search of happiness — even
after the divorce. The actress not only shows off the wonderful mood going in
light on the stage, but also realize interesting business ideas. In one of the
Moscow restaurants, for example, was held the first meeting of the women’s club
Anastasia “reveal yourself.” This is a club to come in which can each woman find
new friends, chat about the new and beautiful, and also to spend nice time.

According to the plan makeieva, meetings
the club will discuss, mainly, women’s topics and issues, share
opinions and learn something new. No cost and without a “star”
guests — friends Actresses: actors, musicians, athletes, successful people from
other areas of life have already expressed their willingness to participate in club events
and share with the participants their positive, successful energy.

“The idea to create a women’s club
came to my head for a reason, ” says Anastasia. In our difficult time of the Internet and
social networking, we forget about real communication, more plunging into
the virtual life. In my club the door is open to any woman who
it is interesting to plunge into the living and diverse communication. We will be surrounded by
people from different professions, ages and ideologies. I realized
how important is this inner circle, and how important it is, being married or free
not to spoil relations with loved ones and create the desired comfort.

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