Анастасия Макеева намекнула на новые отношения The actress does not hide his happiness. Anastasia Makeeva seem to start a new life after divorce with Gleb Matveychuk. Star has published in the microblog photo with a large bouquet of flowers.

      Анастасия Макеева намекнула на новые отношения

      Anastasia Makeeva painful experienced separation from Gleb Matveychuk. Earlier this month the couple, who were married for seven years, officially divorced. Throughout this time the stars looked from the happy couple. Few people knew that in fact, in recent years, the relationship of the couple was a real crisis.

      After the actress announced the new status of free women, her fans intensified. One of them, apparently, were more fortunate than others. Anastasia took his courtship. Moreover, the star has published on his page in Instagram photo gift from an admirer, whose name she keeps secret. In the picture in the hands makeevoy a large bouquet of daisies. The actress smiled enigmatically, looking at the flowers.

      “Thank you! You know how to make me happy,” asked the suitor in the signature star.

      Thanks do You know how to make me happy #Daisy #thanks #schastliva #today #flowers #happy #flowers #onlyyou

      A photo posted by Anastasia Makeeva (@makeevan) Jul 27 2016 10:46 PDT

      Meanwhile, unlikely, but still possible that the bouquet can serve Anastasia and her ex-husband Gleb Matveichuk. Earlier, the actress hinted that she was ready to start a relationship with your husband with a clean slate. However, the singer apparently couldn’t take such a decision due to certain internal reasons.

      “Looking back, I analyze where we went wrong, why ceased to understand each other,” recalled Anastasia in an interview with “StarHit”. – It is possible that two years ago when Hleb after the project “Two stars” have had huge successes and his dreams began to come true, creative passion, this crazy energy is completely captured him. I can admit I was jealous of his success, perhaps it’s selfish. But I started to lose my husband! I have noticed he is not interested in communication with me, and he is much more reckless looks at the preparations for the transfer than joint plans. Gleb resigned from the Mossovet Theater, performances began to chafe… But, like our family. From the Matveychuk, whom I married and was madly in love, there is nothing left”.

      Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”

      In recognition Makeeva, they Matveychuk for three years trying to have children. Becoming parents the couple never got. Until the last moment, Anastasia was the hope that her husband will come to their senses and try to restore peace in the family, but he only reported via SMS that he gathered his things and left.

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