Анастасия Макеева устроила смотрины женихов

  • Анастасия Макеева устроила смотрины женихов

    As many flowers were received by the singer from their representatives

  • Анастасия Макеева устроила смотрины женихов

    Each of the suitors tried to draw attention to themselves Anastasia

  • Анастасия Макеева устроила смотрины женихов

    “What are you, just to hug! And the flowers?”, – said Makeev

  • Анастасия Макеева устроила смотрины женихов

    During the duet with the nanny Makeeva sings these words: “to Say not enough words, and how they love it!”

  • Анастасия Макеева устроила смотрины женихов

    Anastasia Makeeva and Kirill Gordeev (Onegin)

  • Анастасия Макеева устроила смотрины женихов

    During the performance Makeeva changed some chic outfits

  • Анастасия Макеева устроила смотрины женихов

    In the Opera “Eugene Onegin” Anastasia Makeeva have to fight with evil spirits

  • During the performance of “Onegin” heroine makeevoy meets the Demon

It’s been a few days since the official divorce Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveychuk, the actress has immersed himself in work and is involved in various projects, like her former spouse. They both are trying not to think about the past, although surrounded by Makeeva “StarHit” said that it is hard going through this breakup, but optimistic about the future: “I don’t want to lock myself in four walls and think about it, I want to try to find your happiness.”

Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk divorced

Therefore, colleagues, friends and producers of the musical “Onegin” decided to make an unusual campaign for the actress to find her a groom, thereby noting the end of the theatrical season. To search for worthy candidates joined the club “planet of Dating”, which selected the candidates and gave them valuable advice on how to win the star.

In the end, following the last performance of the season (by the way, the hall a few minutes shouted “Bravo”) on stage to Anastasia rose 15 men with gorgeous bouquets of roses – of course, it’s not a million scarlet roses, but only a couple of thousand there just was! Confused Makeyev took not only the compliments but also the letters that she wrote to her “suitors”. She was so touched by these attentions that she decided to invite men to talk after the show.

As has found out “StarHit”, all men who are successful businessmen and famous people in their circles who have achieved recognition. However, according to the representative of “Planet me” to communicate they don’t want to, preferring to prove their actions matter, not words. So when Anastasia appeared on stage after the performance again, men immediately showered her with compliments, admiring not only her beauty but also for its brilliant play on stage.

“Are you nervous before going on stage?” – asked one of the candidates. “Of course, I always worry, but try to adjust themselves to the positive,” – said Makeev.

When one of the grooms has asked to take a picture and gently put his arm around Anastasia’s waist, she smiled and said, “What are you, just to hug! And the flowers?” The surprise was that suggesting a group photo of all participants, several men refused to do, without explaining the reasons.

“I guess they have the most serious intentions,” suggested a friend Makeeva producer of the musical “Onegin” Irina Afanasyeva, which, by the way, watching all the action and genuinely worried about Anastasia. Her comments have been pouring in, “Look, what a man, Yes, and what a bouquet!”, “No, I prefer”. In the final, Afanasyeva caused loud laughter of all those present, saying: “And now on the market, sell it all!” What Makeyev said that will not do it because she is a very nice men’s attention, and she moved with such care.

“Yes, I’m officially free and are in search of. I want to find kind, generous and interesting man, and therefore agreed to this proposal. Let’s see what happens,” admitted “StarHit” Makeyev.

Now it remains for small. In the coming days, Anastasia will read 15 letters which were written by her choices, and chooses the one most suitable to her. This lucky go on a date with her to meet eye to eye.

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