Anastasia Makeeva found the perfect doctor

Анастасия Макеева нашла идеального врача
The actress is convinced that it is not the Botox and hialuronic as such, but to find a competent specialist who is doing the injections.

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: Yury Feklistov

the actress never allows himself, like others her age, to fall into despair from
that appearance begins to change and more effort is required
to maintain the beauty and slender figure. About a year ago she had
hormonal failure and she gained 10 pounds. But
today with the growth of 172 cm
Makeeva again weighs less than 60
pounds. And she managed this primarily through regular
sports. “I took up brisk walk — can walk through the forest 12 kilometers
1 hour and 45 minutes, — said Anastasia. — Has arrived cold, and now on walks I am wearing a special scarf-pipe for
skiers in which to breathe even in cold weather. Eventually took off 8 pounds…”

And in order to care for the person, the actress has long been drawn to
the beauticians. And in 25 years, first tried Botox. “It’s a great invention, which gives the face
fresh, well rested, and us — confidence! It’s not the Botox, but who you do it hurts. We do not say that the paint
hair is awful, due to the fact that once
would-be wizard messed up someone’s hair! Beautician must be very
qualified, to understand how and where to inject in order not to violate
the facial expressions and the person would remain alive. So do not be afraid of Botox, but at the same time
and filler, hyaluronic acid injections. You just have to find a doctor with a sense of proportion! My most
favorite treatment — PRP, when from a vein
take the blood, then it is passed through a centrifuge, separating the red blood
corpuscles from plasma. Then the plasma is returned to the body, injected into the skin or
head. So start the process of regeneration of cells, rejuvenation. When one
time I started strongly losing hair, I quickly put in order
it plasmolifting. This procedure is painful — do
dozens of shots! But it is effective. Use plasmolifting courses in spring and autumn. And I repeat: there are no miracles. Not
drinking, Smoking, overeating, and then to come to the salon and say “Make for hours of
me a fairy…” to Be beautiful — it’s a great work!”

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