Anastasia Makeeva found a new family

Анастасия Макеева обрела новую семью
The actress opened the Academy of children’s theatre and musicals.

Анастасия Макеева обрела новую семью

Anastasia Makeeva

Photo: Press service

Anastasia Makeeva after the divorce, left with head left in
work. In addition to the scene, she has her own Academy of children’s theatre and
the musical “Constellation” is an outlet for artist. Last weekend, the
charity concert of young pupils makeevoy for Khimki
social rehabilitation center for minors. This performance
the guys not only gave a lot of pleasant emotions and memories of his
peers, but also summed up some results — showed what they have learned for six months
training under the guidance of renowned artist.

Anastasia Makeeva with her pupils

Photo: Press service

“Teachers held master-classes in singing and acting
skills for everyone, and students of the Academy, our little stars,
showed us the result of their hard work over the past half — fragments from the Broadway musical “Annie” — says Nastya. — It was
very touching and soulful! Incredibly interesting to see how kids are doing
his first steps in the world of theater. But as an art
the head, after I spent a debriefing, made their critical
comments and gave advice to aspiring artists. Thank you all for the work done
and the pleasure!”

This event was the first global concert
students at the school “Constellation”, but promised herself Anastasia Makeeva — now
this will become a good tradition. And another tradition will be the emergence of a special
guests, who at this time were the guys from Khimki social rehabilitation