Anastasia Makeeva came to the defense of ex-wife

Анастасия Макеева встала на защиту экс-супруга The actress is tired of information that appears in the press about her ex-husband Gleb Matveychuk. She decided to comment on all the rumors and addressed the fans on the page of your microblog.

      Анастасия Макеева встала на защиту экс-супруга

      Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk broke up in April. The actress took seriously the break with loved ones, but understood that their marriage has no future.

      At the moment Anastasia restores spiritual balance, while vacationing in Tenerife. The divorce of movie stars generated many rumors in the press, in particular, about her husband Gleb. Makeev has decided to protect his happy past, and wrote an official statement to the media in the microblogging.

      “I declare, I never said anything about me and my husband write. The cruelty of the journalists knows no bounds. I don’t give interviews about my husband, I don’t think he owed me something. He’s not gay, but a normal man, he is not a gigolo and not cruel. He is the best man in the world, we just become different. He is a decent and talented, he’s a sensitive and wonderful and enough to pour dirt on us. I have no one and don’t need from each of my post he want an article, inventing on the fly all! I first openly protesting that she was tired of baiting for our family. I’m writing this, Gleb saw it too and knew that all of this has to do with me and nothing to do with him. Please do not bait us” – wrote the actress under your photo on the background of the ocean.

      Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”

      Fans supported Anastasia and wished her fortitude, patience, composure, and new bright impressions. Some of the subscribers urged the star not to worry and go through life with a sure step.

      Анастасия Макеева встала на защиту экс-супруга

      Makeeva in no way blames the ex-spouse. They parted without scandals and quarrels. “We were the perfect couple, but it turned out that everything has changed. Please respect our past, because it is part of our life, and it is beautiful!” – explained the star.

      By the way, the divorce pushed Anastasia to start their project. “Open yourself a new one!” – the program of the actress, in which she will tell other women how to overcome the sadness after parting with the beloved man. After divorce Anastasia Makeeva sells the cure for depression

      “For all the girls who come to my meeting, I’ll be right girlfriend. Listen, answer all questions, supportive when necessary – Pat on the head and you will regret it. The atmosphere will create a warm living room with a Cup of coffee, where girls will be able to share the most secret, feeling that next to them is the shoulder on which we can confidently rely,” said the star about the format of the new project.

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