Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk divorced

Анастасия Макеева и Глеб Матвейчук оформили развод The actress admitted that her new status is “free.” Anastasia Makeeva thanked Gleb Matveychuk seven years of married life, which had many amazing and happy moments.

      Анастасия Макеева и Глеб Матвейчук оформили развод

      Traditionally, July 8, Russians celebrate the Day of family, love and fidelity. Many stars in this touching day published pictures with their family and loved ones. For Anastasia Makeeva, the festival has received this year a very somber tone. Today the actress divorced her husband Gleb Matveychuk.

      The stars have been married for seven years. From the side they looked like a harmonious couple. However, being creative individuals, Anastasia and Gleb could not get along. Adele still has not commented on the incident, has not announced his position on the causes of divorce. Makeev, on the contrary, openly spoke about what happened between her and her husband. In addition, she emotionally appealed to Hleb on his page in Instagram. The actress thanked the singer for the years spent together.

      “Today, such a magical holiday “Day of family, love and fidelity” I’m starting a new life in the status of “I’m free”. Thank you, Gleb Matveichuk, seven years of life, which had many amazing and happy moments,” he turned to the now former husband of Anastasia.

      Apparently, Makeev is experiencing due to the breakup with her husband. Earlier today she shared with fans the lines of the legendary Soviet hit. The world without beloved – the sun without heat, a bird without wings. Edge without her beloved mountains without tops, a song without a soul” – quoted the words of the song Anastasia.

      Anastasia Makeeva emotionally appealed to the ex-spouse

      We will remind, in an interview with “StarHit” the actress openly talked about the reasons for the separation from her husband. To live separately Anastasia suggested the glib itself in a state of emotional stress, but she did not expect that he would take her word and bring the matter before the divorce.

      “We just became different. I wanted a quiet life, to become a mother. We even started to go to doctors. It lasted three years, but I never was able to get pregnant, said Makeyev, “StarHit”. – At some point he ceased to support me. We started to do repairs in a new apartment, but I myself was looking for superintendents, went to the hardware store. Husband abandoned our common cause – school children’s creativity. He’s listed as Director, but in fact for a long time not doing anything, helps me a partner, and the spouse nothing. When I said, “Gleb, what do you want? We don’t see each other, not hold each other time, we have almost nothing left in common. You can’t — You don’t care what happens to our family? Care about me?” – only in response heard: “Things went uphill for me right now creativity is more important. This is my dream, I go to her.”

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