Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveichuk divorce

Анастасия Макеева и Глеб Матвейчук разводятся After six years of marriage the couple decided to part. Anastasia admitted that now does not work together with Gleb Matveychuk. Fans wondering what could cause discord in a family of celebrities.

      Анастасия Макеева и Глеб Матвейчук разводятся

      A couple of the singer and actress Anastasia Makeeva and Gleb Matveychuk fans considered it one of the best in Russian show business. In August 2010 the lovers married. But now, after almost six years, they decided to disperse.

      “This magic night, dear friends, we inform you that we with Gleb broke up. And may each of us follow his path and find happiness,” – said Anastasia in the microblog.

      For fans this news was a real surprise. They could not believe that the couple decided to part. Moreover, subscribers at first did not take seriously the words of Anastasia, however, in the comments she confirmed that her statement is not a joke and not a hoax. Then the followers become interested in the reasons that was the collapse of the family.

      “Nastya, why is that?! I’ve read about you before, already had a disorder, but you then come to terms. Tired, perhaps a lot of travel and flights. Maybe it’ll all work out… I always feel sorry when breaking up loving couples. But not to hang up his nose!”, “Very sorry to leave the beautiful and talented people! But you are outwardly very different, apparently, and internally was too. In any case, divorce is sad and worry”, “So joint your way over! Each now has its own! Nastya, can you imagine! What happiness to be free again! Nothing in this world no better than my freedom!” – tried to encourage subscribers Makeev.

      Recall that Anastasia and Gleb were bound not only by marital relationship, but also creativity. Together they worked on the play “the Territory of passion”, but Makeev has informed in the microblog that is no longer working there due to the fact that fired her husband.

      Despite the fact that the couple had been married almost six years, total of children they have. Not so long ago the singer and actress wanted to give birth to my husband a child. However, both husband and wife to pay great attention to the development of his career, but because Anastasia did not dare to drop everything and deal only with the house and children. Despite the fact that many celebrities are not afraid to give birth at the peak of his popularity, and then quickly return from maternity leave, Makeeva this option was not considered possible. She said she didn’t want to give their heirs in the hands of nannies. “More than anything afraid of being a bad daughter or a bad mother or both at the same time” – confessed the actress.

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