Anastasia Makeeva and Anna Savina gave a theatrical divas spring fairy

Анастасия Макеева и Анна Савина подарили театральным примадоннам весеннюю сказку
Actress and expert on beauty gave beauty a bachelorette party.

Anna Savina and Anastasia Makeeva and her mother Marina Borisovna

Photo: Press service

Anastasia Makeeva with an expert on the beauty of the international class Anna
Savina on the eve of women’s day made a gift to Moscow
theatrical primas. Actress of the Maly theater, Moscow art theater and the theater of Moscow city Council have been invited
special beauty bachelorette party, where she received the treatment
permanent make-up from the Russian master.

“Thanks to my close
friend Nastya Makeeva I have the lucky opportunity to go to the theatre and see
the game is beautiful Actresses, shared Anna Savina. Is leaving nature, old
classical theatre school and the craftsmanship of the highest degree. Often the room we
sitting with Nastya Makeeva Marina Borisovna. And one day she said to me:
“Anya, look at these magnificent women and your hands can extend
to maintain this beauty.” Then we had the idea to make such a gift.
Of course, we cannot call the names of those who visited my
beauty lab. Understand correctly, the woman should remain his
secrets. But I am very glad that before the spring women’s day I was able
give your favorite Actresses a little beauty and good mood. After all, good
appearance makes a woman happier. And how important it is for those who go to the
the stage…Thank you beloved theatrical primas for trusting me with your face, it
a great joy to make people beautiful”.