Anastasia made friends with his chief rival

Анастасия Волочкова подружилась со своей главной соперницей
Ballerina celebrated the birthday of Ariadne in unusual company.

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On the eve of Anastasia Volochkova in a big way celebrated the birthday of his daughter — Ariadne. The celebration in honor of the 12th anniversary of the successor of the famous ballerina was held in the birthday girl loved the equestrian complex. The choice of location was not accidental: Ariadna for many years enjoys horseback riding.

Анастасия Волочкова подружилась со своей главной соперницей

Anastasia Volochkova with her daughter Ariadna

Photo: @volochkova_art Instagram

“I am a very happy mom! I wanted a daughter for so long! And I gave birth to her 12 years ago… For three hours.. And the next day drove away from the hospital and three days later started rehearsals.. This is my crazy endless! But I have such vivid life! And I bring this brightness into the life of Ariadne. Happy birthday, my dear! I was waiting for your appearance in my life!” — said Anastasia.

To congratulate her daughter Anastasia was a large number of guests: friend of Ariadne, close friends most Volochkova and the girl’s father — Igor Vdovin. In addition to the party was invited and… ex-wife Vdovin — Barbara Demidova. It turns out that after breaking up with Igor, the singer an incredibly made friends with Volochkova — they are best friends now.

Anastasia and Barbara Demidova


But some time ago Anastasia the barbarian considered his chief rival. Perhaps about himself gave to know not yet cooled feelings for Vdovin, but between Volochkova and Demidova were extremely tense relations. Now, all disagreements in the past that the ballerina and demonstrated to the assembled guests.

Ariadne gave a lot of gifts: among them were several cameras. Stars daughter enjoys shooting. Not so long ago she started her blog, which shares details of his life. Anastasia passion daughter encourages and does not doubt that her daughter will be able in the future to become a professional blogger.