Anastasia Lisov caught in intimate connection with the staff of “House-2”

Анастасию Лисову уличили в интимной связи с сотрудниками «Дома-2» Ex-member of telestroke was reprimanded by the organizers. The girl could afford intimacy with the captain of the yacht on the Seychelles or resident of the Glade. While Anastasiya Lisova, according to employees of the project, did not mince his actions.

      The former star of “House-2” 26-year-old Anastasiya Lisova originally came to the perimeter as a foreign language teacher for heroes of telestroke. Seeing the beauty with elegant shape, the guys immediately began to get her number, call date. The organizers, sensing the excitement, suggested Lisovoy to stay longer. Barely a couple of months, as it is recorded in the participants. When Nastya became a common part, immediately began to actively look for a mate.

      “Cindy immediately began to play by the rules – says “StarHit” one of the employees of the reality show Vadim. – A “disciple” of the interpreter were Sergey Katasonov. On the first date guys are not shy: passionate kissing, flirting. And in the late evening went for a four poster bed. But after “magic” Sergei and Nastya were in no hurry to declare themselves a couple. Then we realized that we are dealing with a bad teacher”.

      Anastasia hurried off to look for love on the third platform of the show – the Seychelles.

      “She confessed feelings for Nikita Kuznetsov. She did not stop, the guy was in a relationship with another member of telestroke Alexandra Artemov. Then Nikita did not pay any attention Lisov, – continues Vadim. – This enterprising Madam decided not to stay. And immediately rushed into the arms of captain johnny. 45-year-old tanned man of about 20 years crisscrossing the Indian ocean, transports between the Islands show participants and tourists. Over the years, the ship picked up English words, so Nastya quickly found a common language with him. I do not know what they were talking, but Lisova often up to johnny on the deck, learned to stand at the helm. He gently held her by the waist, the guys cooed. Once, after a night out we landed on the ground. All left the ship, but Nasty in a hurry and headed to the captain’s cabin. During dinner, the girl no one saw the Bungalow, she returned in the morning. To the question: “where were You?” only giggled. The organizers of the show did the translator reprimand, and johnny came out unscathed, having received his portion of pleasure.”