Anastasia learned the shocking truth about your abuser

Анастасия Волочкова узнала шокирующую правду о своем обидчике
The dancer tries to save his reputation.

The scenes with the filming of the talk show “Special report”

Photo: @volochkova_art Instagram Anastasia Volochkova

Anastasia Volochkova became the main heroine of the talk show “Special report.” The main theme of the issue, which will be shown on the air, recently became the unfolding sex scandal. Unknown hacker leaking photos, where the dancer captured during lovemaking with Chermen Zotova (with whom she had a romance a year ago). According to the version of the former prima of the Bolshoi theatre, the images were not stolen from the phone of a businessman as he told the media. She suspects that red himself and sold them yellow editions. However, this will now be investigating police.

Volochkova believes her abuser, in the end, will be punished. The case has come from her lawyers, in addition, Anastasia is counting on the help of noble men, which may explain her abuser that he was wrong. Starting a trial about the fusion Network provocative shots, the dancer, by the way, I learned shocking details about the so-called “hacker”. It turns out that he is a close relative of the inmate and former driver Alexander Skirtach who allegedly stole millions of rubles!

“I didn’t start this and posted in the social network, but I will stop it! And it is up to my lawyers. Guy act its lowered not only himself but also his small home. Shame. For me the Caucasian man always was the personification of honor and dignity and respect for women. Real men do not do as did this bastard for the sake of their own PR on my behalf, which was created years long-term, daily and hours of labor. And I am more than sure that there are noble men who will be able to explain this curmenu (otherwise do not call this clown after his low act) that he is wrong. And not a man. He, I think women will not give, and men do not shake hands. When I found out that the brother of this low person sitting in the next cell in prison with former my driver scams Skiracer, it became clear where the wind is blowing this meanness… I Think that this goat place next to them…” — said Anastasia.