Анастасия Киушкина: «Не могу отойти от событий, связанных с Гуфом» Ex-participant of “House-2” told what happened with her relationship with rapper after breaking up. Anastasia Ciurcina has left the project for Gufa. However, the romance did not last long. The girl has still not recovered from what happened between her and her lover.

      Анастасия Киушкина: «Не могу отойти от событий, связанных с Гуфом»

      Anastasia Kichkina abruptly disappeared from radar secular parties. The model, which account in Instagram following of more than eight hundred thousand people, he stopped attending public events. In recognition of the girls have contributed to her breakup with rapper Aleksey Dolmatov. The gap was given to Nastya hard, and now she wants to be alone.

      Recall that in October last year, the Internet exploded news – Anastasia Kichkina left the project for a new young man – the famous rapper Guf. However, after two weeks, the couple broke up. According to Koskinou, Alex was not ready for a serious relationship.

      “I can’t even move from the recent events related to the Body, – has shared with “StarHit” Ciurcina. – At the moment I’m taking some time out. You do not want yet to go out, so I totally went to work myself. My main source of income – advertising. I participate in the filming for their new collections. As for Alesha… We periodically charged up, interested in what new in the life of each other. However, to see and not enough time… What he’s doing, then at me. I promised myself that I will try not to keep my private life private, but so far I can say one thing – I am very badly burned, so at this point in the relationship does not consist in the near future to have them not going. The perfect man for me is not a muscle, stubble and beautiful words and deeds. He must answer for what he says, to be able to make me with it it was comfortable and good.”

      Meanwhile, the separation of the rapper and model are overgrown with rumors. Koskinou attributed an affair with another Gufa, rapper Alexander Tarasov, better known as T-Killah. The reason for speculation was carried out Anastasia online-stream app in the “Periscope”. The video was clearly visible, as the singer held tightly to the girl, called her “my baby” and kissed her head. Later Kichkina denied all the speculation, stating that he and Alexander were just friends, and the stream was made with the purpose to amuse subscribers.

      The infamous participant of “House-2” claims that PFM is trying to get her back

      “Friends and family always support me, – said the “StarHit” Anastasia. Even the guys from “House-2″, with whom I spoke on the project. We with them are still in touch and try to help each other if necessary. My mother is also close by. We recently returned from Dubai. Emotions are inexpressible! In late summer, plan for a few days to go to relatives in Altai. I do after all the troubles began to spend more time with family. This makes me very happy!”

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