Анастасия Костенко рассказала, как узнала о беременности The wife of Dmitry Tarasov happy to talk about the feelings experienced after learning about the pregnancy. Anastasia Kostenko is pleased to share the details of their situation, anticipating a quick meeting with her daughter. Long-awaited replenishment of waiting and the player for whom this baby will be the second.
Анастасия Костенко рассказала, как узнала о беременности

The pregnant 24-year-old wife of Dmitry Tarasov has become almost the most discussed event this year. Anastasia Kostenko had to face criticism Hayter, health problems and even rumors about her husband’s infidelity, but all this was left behind. Few weeks the second Vice-miss Russia for the first time will become a mother.

Enjoying the pregnancy, Anastasia decided to tell fans how he learned about his interesting position, and what emotions she called the news.

“I remember this feeling that is first experienced on the way home, when all medical means have confirmed a pregnancy. I hugged my stomach, which visually did not were given a small miracle, thinking about the incredible warmth which spread throughout the body. The first time I experienced an incredible love to the baby, the floor of which is unknown to me for another few weeks. It touched me deeply, especially the understanding of how strong the love for her child, about which nothing is known, except that he was born” – said Kostenko on Instagram.
Анастасия Костенко рассказала, как узнала о беременности

According to the model, during pregnancy, her relationship with her mother has become more intimate, after all, the Anastasia on her own experience realized how strong can be love of a parent. The girl thanked mom for the warmth that she gave her life, much sacrifice for the welfare of the children.

Shared model and delicate images, which has delighted her fans. According to fans Kostenko, she’s due in the near future.

In the last days of Anastasia prefers to speak with subscribers only impending motherhood. She often shares her emotions and his observations relating to pregnancy. Recently, Kostenko said, and all that are not recovered in recent months. Weight girls is 56.6 pounds, she considers herself perfectly normal.

“On diets I do not sit! Eat three times a day and three times a day, I snack, for a total of six. Almost do not eat fried and fatty foods, as the benefit of zero, solid weight, and it is a pity your body is working for two. Adhere to the recommendations of the gastroenterologist and his lead doctor,” the previously stated model.

According to fans, She looks just perfectly. During the pregnancy she literally blossomed, becoming even more feminine. Fans do not doubt that of Kostenko will make an ideal mother — caring and gentle.

But a model husband Dmitry Tarasov tries not to share the revelations about the upcoming fatherhood. The player already has some experience in caring for the baby, because he brings up the nine-year daughter of angelina from a relationship with Oksana Ponomarenko. The athlete often sees the heir, and when meetings do occur, Tarasov tries to please the girl expensive gifts.

Fans and is confident that the midfielder of “Locomotive” is now much more concerned about the prospects of his own career, because the club has still not signed a contract with him.

Dmitry Tarasov was left without a job before the birth Kostenko

Anyway, the imminent advent of the baby on light should further enhance relationship of the star couple. Moreover, after the wedding with Kostenko Tarasov stated confidently that this marriage will last and the happiest in his life.