Anastasia Kostenko told about her feelings for Dmitry Tarasov

Анастасия Костенко поведала о чувствах к Дмитрию Тарасову The model is congratulated with the victory of the beloved. Anastasia Kostenko published in Instagram video, which runs a rewarding players club “Lokomotiv Moscow” in honor of the conquest of the Cup of Russia.

One of the main cheerleaders of a famous athlete Dmitry Tarasov is his fiancee, 23-year-old Anastasia Kostenko. Recent match “Lokomotiv-Ural” ended with the score 2:0, also wasn’t it an exception – a girl gave considerable support to the man in the struggle for the main prize – the Cup of Russia. Pretty worried about the second half the whole game, but immediately after the victory of the beloved shared with subscribers microblog a video of the process of awarding medals, which she watched the TV screen.

“Proud of you!” – signed the post brunette.

It is worth noting that, according to the midfielder, beloved not so long ago took an important place in his football career. Apparently, this sport was not interested in Anastasia before meeting with Tarasov. However, now the model tries to attend all the games involving a young man and has already become a part of his personal support group. Kostenko shows how important it is for her to be near the beloved at such crucial moments. Apparently, it was her care and attention help Dmitry to achieve new heights.

In a recent interview, the champion admitted that every match is always present someone from his family members and close friends. Interestingly, Tarasov emphasized the importance of stay on the game and his girlfriend. He noted that trying to attach to football and Anastasia. Tarasov admitted that he needs the support of Kostenko

The brunette also not alien to the sport. Recently she published in Instagram a small part of his biography, where he spoke about the fact that in addition to Hobbies of music, has long been engaged in choreography. Beauty graduated from one of the best ballet schools in the South of Russia. By the way, to do it Anastasia did not stop even the injury – the model damage to the capsular ligament of the left knee joint and a meniscus tear. In the comments to the post, many users of the social network have admired the endurance and tenacity pet. They noted that not every girl is able to achieve their goals.

“Also went to karate do Shotokan. Liked, but mom was not allowed on the first sports match and had to leave. That’s how he died in my sports dream excellent technique, linear motion. Further thanks to the basics of ballet with ease arrived in the Stavropol regional College of arts, Department of “Folk choreographic art.” Last year I abruptly changed my mind – decided that the ballet is closer to me and transferred to his native Rostov, on the separation of the art of ballet,” he shared with fans of microblogging Kostenko.