Анастасия Костенко обновила гардероб в связи с беременностью
The wife of Dmitry Tarasov has demonstrated a growing belly.

Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: Instagram

The wife of Dmitry Tarasov Anastasia Kostenko finds “interesting
position” a lot of positive moments. One of these is a nice opportunity
to update your wardrobe. The expectant mother asked the subscribers of the advice to choose the outfit
confused and not knowing what it is anymore.

“Girls, help me choose!” —
she turned to her fans by posting yourself posing in a dress
high waist pantsuit, flattering rounded tummy. “Scoundrel
all to face, but in your dress you will be comfortable. And look in the suit is no good!” —
suggested Internet users.

Recall that the married couple no longer hide that
soon they will have baby. Dmitry has published in a personal blog
the photo in the arms of his wife, which under the free dress is clearly visible
“pregnant” tummy. By the way, some were perplexed, how
Anastasia managed to hide this quite an impressive tummy at the wedding. Indeed, in
The network appeared a huge number of photos, where not even a hint of
pregnancy. The secret is simple: dress model specially chosen with little
high waist, just enough that it is not conspicuous. The top of her
slightly tightened corset. And in this day she was trying not to eat a lot
and drink a little liquid. With these data, even in the evening, when the abdomen of a pregnant
women are becoming more noticeable in the early stages can be a bit of cheat.
But now to escape makes no sense: young people are married before
God and the people. The couple is congratulated, although not yet
says his “interesting position”. According to preliminary calculations child
in the family of ‘ born this summer.