Anastasia Kostenko stopped denying the connection with Dmitry Tarasov

Анастасия Костенко перестала отрицать связь с Дмитрием Тарасовым The model pays attention to the posts dedicated to the player. Online several months discussing the novel, Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov. As found by the fans of the athlete, the girl provides him with attentions.

      Анастасия Костенко перестала отрицать связь с Дмитрием Тарасовым

      At the end of last year, one of the most famous families of domestic show-business – football player Dmitry Tarasov and TV presenter Olga Buzova – collapsed. Subscribers are very worried for your favorite couple, and even tried to measure young people. But the athlete to suffer long, and at the end of January, the fans noticed a man in the company of charming brunettes.

      After a time, the followers Tarasova was sure: the new darling of the player was a 22-year-old Anastasia Kostenko. However, neither he nor the dark-haired beauty on this occasion has not spoken publicly. Curious subscribers do not despair, follow every step of the pair and try to learn new details of their life.

      So, Instagram features screenshots likes “Second Vice-miss Russia-2014” in the comments on her relationship with midfielder of “Locomotive”. Fans strongly support lovers and generously gives compliments. This reaction Kostenko public is regarded as a confirmation of the speculation that young people are having an affair.

      “So you never lied Dima, when she said that will no longer put love on display. Then, with Olga, the family did not happen – all she wanted in public. And this silent, their age and realizes that happiness loves silence,” “Look, of course, gorgeous, but with Buzova been better! Although she is a successful such a marriage was taking her down. Let them try Nastya”, “great! But why no pictures together? I do not want to turn up and see you close and together, once you even live together!”, – write to the Network concerned.

      We will remind that not so long ago the network appeared the new video project Amiran Sardarov, the main character of which was Dmitry. In the video he admitted that he shares a life with a new beloved. “But I do not live alone, girl,” warned the athlete before entering the apartment.

      Attentive viewers spotted the brunette and here: background flickers pretty girl in pink shorts cooking dinner. This information is then made through the former spouse Tarasov Olga Buzova. The media personality even admitted on Instagram that all are still reeling from a bad breakup.

      Video with the new girl Tarasova caused Buzova pain

      “Just saw what he did hurt me again… I Promise myself every day not to cry… I Promise myself every day to start to sleep and eat… But hasn’t… When you feel better?” – shared with fans of the star.