Анастасия Костенко показала живот через 6 дней после родов
The young wife of Dmitry Tarasov struck a slender figure.

Photo: Instagram

July 13, Anastasia Kostenko, who recently became a first time mom wrote
from the elite suburban hospital “Lapino”. A young mother and her happy husband
footballer Dmitry Tarasov has not yet disclosed the name of the newborn baby.

But fans of the model are willing to discuss how well the model looks. The next day after discharge from the hospital, she decided
showcase your figure in all its glory. Anastasia shared her picture,
which it is, happy dancing in mini dress
on the background of balloons. 6 days after giving birth Kostenko showed looks like her belly after pregnancy. Members agreed that after four days
after birth, the celebrity looks like were not pregnant.

Indeed, during the pregnancy Kostenko scored no more than 7
pounds: at the ninth month she weighed 56-57 kilos. She told me
these results she achieved, only by adhering to the correct

“In the hospital, well, and
home better! — said Anastasia after discharge. — Finally
spare a moment to thank You, my friends and unfamiliar guests page
for the warm wishes and kind words!” Of course, she said and Dmitry
“Beloved, thank you for that one of the most beautiful days you
bravely stood beside me, forced to walk the corridors of the hospital, trying
hurry this is a wonderful and unforgettable event — the birth of our daughter,
was a shoulder to cry on when it was barely tolerable and unpleasant. The joy to me you
best friend, husband and father!”