Anastasia Kostenko showed how to make beauty shots

Анастасия Костенко показала, как делает уколы красоты Being in one of the Moscow salons, the model posted a photo. In the picture, which appeared online, the girl introduced the special preparation for growth and hair treatment. Anastasia Kostenko resorted to the PRP, to prevent the loss of tresses.

      Анастасия Костенко показала, как делает уколы красоты

      Like all models, Anastasia Kostenko carefully watching them and regularly resorted to various cosmetic procedures. The model recently shared a photo taken in one of the capital’s beauty.

      In the picture, Anastasia was placed in their “stories” in Instagram, she is doing an injection in the scalp. The model said she went to PRP therapy, or, in other words, plasmolifting. In this procedure, the regeneration and recovery of cells from the inside. Such a method of treatment used by many girls who want their curls were thick and silky. It is used for preventing and slowing hair loss.

      Previously, Anastasia Kostenko shared in the social networks of their beauty tips. So, answering the question about how subscribers will, if she goes to the Solarium, the model answered in the negative. “Wise people protect health from the youth. Unlike the sun, such a procedure is not conducive to the development of any vitamins and minerals, but more likely the development of cancer cells and reactive skin aging process,” explained the girl. According to Anastasia, it is best to use protective cream, swim in the sea water and sunbathing at certain hours – from 9 to 12 and from 15 to 16.

      Another fan of managewise wished to know what the everyday makeup. According to Anastasia, she prefers to do a minimum of funds. “Mascara, blush, eyebrow pencil,” replied the girl. And on the question of whether it considers itself attractive, Kostenko said the following words: “I believe that external beauty is the reflection of inner beauty. Try to enrich the last.”

      We also add that more recently, the model no longer hide his affair with midfielder of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov. Young people are posting photos on social networks. According to football fans, they look great together. Recently, Tarasov shared with the choice made in the bath. The frame of the athlete caused a storm of emotions among the Internet users, began active discussion of what they saw. Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko lit in the steam room

      Previously, the player presented his beloved on the occasion of his birthday. Photos of the pair made a splash on the Network. While some users expressed admiration for the relationship of the young people and wrote them a compliment, while others continued to remember made a lot of noise the divorce of the athlete, which occurred at the end of last year.