Anastasia Kostenko reported about serious life crisis

Анастасия Костенко сообщила о серьезном жизненном кризисе Girlfriend of midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov got in touch with the users of social networks. Anastasia Kostenko stood up to the haters who call her “home wrecker” and explained why not seek to share with the public. According to the model, some time ago she went through a serious test.

      Анастасия Костенко сообщила о серьезном жизненном кризисе

      More recently, footballer Dmitry Tarasov no longer hides the connection with the model Anastasia Kostenko, who is studying journalism in one of the capital’s universities. Lovers regularly appear together in the circle of friends, but not in a hurry to talk about his novel to the public. While fans of the pair are creating a group of dedicated young people in social networks, the envious, on the contrary, strongly criticized their relationship. Anastasia recently decided to answer the questions of the subscribers, opening on time comments in Instagram. However, they were so many that after some time the beauty has decided to stop communicating with the followers.

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      Many Internet users wrote openly Anastasia that she is “the other woman” who allegedly stole the man of the family. The girl didn’t want to press their own version of events, noting that everyone has their own truth. So beauty is not going to speak about the rumors, circulating on the Network.

      “…To prove and justify – do not have the strength and nerves. And who is, in fact, need? Self-sufficient and clever person interested in other things at least speak for myself,” shared the model.
      Анастасия Костенко сообщила о серьезном жизненном кризисе

      In recognition Kostenko, it matters only the opinion of relatives and friends. “Do you seriously man, who carried on the gossip? I am not,” said the beloved footballer. The girl also explained why not seek to disclose the details of his personal life.

      “Age is not bordered by experience. God forbid, of course, but I’m the kind of person that will not share what is happening, but believe me, there were moments when nothing would. And was so for about five years. Don’t want to open your world and soul,” said Anastasia.

      The model also did not hide the fact that she regularly received offers for an interview. The girl’s name on TV, but she is not going to make my private life up for public discussion. “I have a Golden rule: a private is not public. The maximum that I can allow is to get to know me as a social person. But family is for family only,” said Anastasia.

      In addition, Kostenko expressed his opinion about the excessive frankness in social media, comparing social network “Instagram” with Calvary. Fans of the model have appreciated her joke was appreciated.

      In the other comments the model is quite sharply spoke about what, in her opinion, being a famous person. “Publicity is not spreading personal space like fish food,” explained Anastasia.

      Анастасия Костенко сообщила о серьезном жизненном кризисе