Anastasia Kostenko is concerned about the health of her newborn son Not long ago, Anastasia Kostenko was forced to seek help from doctors . As a result, the mother of many children was hospitalized in the hospital. Together with Nastya, the newborn son of Kostenko and Tarasov was also under the supervision of doctors.

The wife of football player Dmitry Tarasov did not voice the reason why she was in the hospital. She talked more about her son, namely that she was very concerned about the state of his health.

“Yaroslav was actively gaining in height, but his weight was at the lower limit. I will say this, I have never weighed children, only at the pediatrician, but here I weighed it, because for the first time I have a child without cheeks, with thin legs and cheeks,” the model sighs.

She went for a consultation, where, fortunately, she managed to find the reason. Mom and baby were given recommendations, which they strictly follow.

“I read many articles from lactation consultants, and the problem was found and fixed,” Kostenko shares.

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