Анастасия Костенко эффектно разделась на пляже в Дубае The girl Dmitry Tarasov demonstrates chiseled figure. The footballer and his fiancee stayed in one of the most expensive hotels Arab Emirates Burj al Arab. Anastasia Kostenko got free on vacation, with pleasure posing in bikini and showing her perfect shape.

The footballer Dmitry Tarasov and his girlfriend, model Anastasia Kostenko went on the journey together. Place to relax the couple chose the hottest Arab Emirates. However, the girl is no stranger to the scorching sun, because she’s at home, in the Rostov region the thermometer these days shows the same 35 degrees, and Dubai.

Stopped Tarasov and Kostenko in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world Burj-al-Arab. The lovers spend a lot of time on the water, not only on the beach, but the hotel pools. This means that beauty Anastasia has a reason to demonstrate how much she really is good. The girl published a couple of pictures in the microblog in which she is depicted in a bikini. So all fans and well-wishers can make sure that folded Kostenko great, gorgeous long legs, narrow waist, flat stomach and ample Breasts.

Judging by the comments that Anastasia was accompanied by his seductive pictures from vacation in Arab Emirates she impressed no heat its not scary.

“Wonderful days without phone (in a quite literal sense of the word) and a few pics of a real getaway from it all – magic”, – signed photo of Anastasia Kostenko.

Here in Dubai a couple said months of their relationship. This event Dmitry and Anastasia celebrated a romantic dinner in a luxurious restaurant.

“Celebratory dinner with my beloved. Thanks for a great six months”, – has signed a snapshot of Anastasia and Dmitry Tarasov.

By the way, fans of the girls no opportunity to make her compliments, as detractors once again to criticize Kostenko. Elect Dmitry Tarasov has disabled the ability to comment on their pictures on Instagram, apparently tired of the flow of battle, which it often bring down the haters. Anastasia Kostenko about the scandal with former lover: “We have long ceased to communicate”

According to the model, it is annoying when strangers discuss someone else’s personal life. A few months relationship with a player, she learned perseverance. Now Anastasia did not respond to the negative that she wrote in social networks. “Just smile, no matter what, let the wonder of your exposure and begin to engage in their own life, and not to meddle in someone else” – this rule is guided by Kostenko.