Anastasia Kostenko dreams about her wedding day

Анастасия Костенко мечтает о свадьбе Fiancee of footballer Dmitry Tarasov gave a Frank interview to journalists. In recognition of Anastasia Kostenko, it focuses on personal life rather than career. The girl also said that indifferent to the criticism of ill-wishers.

Recently midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov and his girlfriend Anastasia Kostenko held a housewarming. The construction work of the elegant mansion of the athlete finally came to an end. The pair did not hide pleasure concerning long-awaited completion of the repair. Love, does not cease to prove the seriousness of their relationship, moved into a luxury home.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko held a housewarming

Now fans Tarasov and Kostenko suspect that soon the man will decide on the next stage of their relationship with the model and will announce the marriage to the chosen bride. Moreover, Anastasia is ready to become a wife and mother. The mannequin who rarely talks about his personal life, confirmed that he dreams about the change in marital status.

“Like most girls, I want a wedding. No matter modest or elegant. Most importantly, the friends and relatives were the day this event together,” – said Kostenko told reporters.

According to Anastasia, it focuses on personal life rather than career. “There is not even a discussion!” – said the brunette. Therefore, one of the main objectives in her life is to create family and have children.

In this model it does not matter where to live with her lover in a spacious suburban house or an apartment. “In the expression “with sweet heaven in a tent” has some truth to it,” she said. However, the vacation Anastasia still would like to spend away from civilization. His other desires Kostenko chose not to share. According to Kostenko, in her dreams “no crime”.

It is no secret that many fans of the ex-wife of Dmitry Tarasov Olga Buzova are often critical in relation to Anastasia Kostenko. Spiteful critics allow themselves to write critical comments in social networks, do not skimp on the words. To be under constant pressure it is very difficult, but the model to cope with the aggression of enemies. In recognition Kostenko, it was not concerned about the opinion of haters. Over time, the model has learned not to pay attention to their reasoning.

“Finally, I didn’t care for opinions that I don’t need. After all, these people don’t know me, as I don’t know them. Now I have a Golden rule not to read anything about himself in social networks,” – said Kostenko.

During the conversation with reporters, she also noted that he is a believer. The model believes that because of the Church, anyone can confess their sins and change their lives. “God past I do not remember” – said Kostenko, adding that her beliefs have questioned the existence of karma. “One excludes the other,” said the brunette Woman’s Day.