Anastasia Kostenko complained of illness

Анастасия Костенко пожаловалась на болезнь
Recent model Anastasia Kostenko told his followers about not feeling well.

Анастасия Костенко пожаловалась на болезнь

It turned out that she was sick and lost my voice. The girl advised his followers to dress warmly and take care of your health.

“I only managed to catch the virus and for a few days to lose my voice. Although, like, not just me, even Sofia, my friend… happiness, call it better. Even goofing around, listening to their audio recordings motsepe that will create your bass group “Kripsy”. In General, dress warmly and eat more vitamins. And love, lots and lots of love. Give, take and not be greedy. Anyway, the most wonderful time for surprises,” – said Kostenko.

Fans wished her a speedy recovery.

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